Women's golf

March 08, 2017

Women’s golf results

A stroke round with monthly medal was played on Thursday, March 2.

Division one winner was Marsha Watson 83/8/75, with the division two going to Marg Felmingham 101/24/77.

Ball competition T. Barry 79, H. Crilly 80c/b, G. Gill 80c/b.

Nearest the pin: 3rd T. Barry, Milner-Watson Pharmacy 8th J. OBrien, Ray White 12th T. Barry, Golf Shop 13th J. Brauman, 14th M. Felmingham.

The monthly medal was won by Marsha Watson with 75 nett, and Queen of the Greens was Helen Crilly with 27 putts c/b.

On Saturday March 4, 27 ladies played a stableford round.

Division one winner was again Marsha Watson with 38 points, while division two winner was Anne Brown with 32 points. Division three went to Gwen Gilchrist with 33 points.

Ball competition H. Briggs 32, J. OBrien 32, S. Milner 32, A. Thomson 31, T. Barry 31, D. Shanks 31.

Nearest the pin: 3rd A. Thomson, 8th R. Watkins, 14th A. Thomson.

This week a 4BBB Stableford will be played on Thursday, the qualifying event for the Royal Women’s Hospital, and over the long weekend the Crothers Classic will be played, with a 4BBB stableford on Saturday, March 11, and a stableford team event on Monday, March 13.

Men’s golf results

Benalla Golf Club’s February player of the month was Roger Burton.

The March Monthly Medal winner was Dave Senior with nett 67 to win C-grade from Brendan Duncombe on 71.

A-grade was won by Ron Schulz with 72 on a countback from Broden Dean and Roger Burton.

Meanwhile, B-grade went to Dave Saunders with nett 71 from Tyrone Kidd on 72.

The best scratch score came from Broden Dean with 73 off the stick.

Curl Symes also hit a hole in one on the 3rd.

The winners of the Losers Box were Terry Meagher, Graham Briggs and Broden Dean.

Last Wednesday was a stableford round and the scores of the day came from Tim Moore to win C-grade with 42 points as did Sam Symes to win A-grade.

B-grade went to Gavin Harrison on his birthday with 41 points.

The runner ups were A: G Squires 38, B: B Chatham 35, C: Keith Wright 39.

On March 4, another stableford round was played with 72 players.

Nearest the Pins - 1st Olivers Mensland : B van den Akker. 3rd Crothers Joinery : T Symes HIO. 8th Srixon/Golf Shop: L Spinks. 12th Ray White: B Frampton. 13th Spalding/Golf Shop: R Munro. KFC Birdies: S Spinks. Eagles: B Dean, T Symes 3rd. NAGA: R Symes.

Ball Competition: 72 R Burton, B Chatham, M Lawler, 73 T Booker, G Dalton, K Levy, A May, J Mellington, R Munro, B Sweeney, S Thomas, L Thompson, 74 B Frampton, A Moore.

And on Wednesday, March 1, 64 players had a round of stableford.

Nearest the Pins: 3rd Golf Shop: P Hazell, 8th Golf Shop: M Henwood, 12th Ray White: B Symes, 13th Fruits n Fare: R Wittingslow.

Ball Competition: 37 S Thomas, 36 R Squires, 35 R Close, M Henwood, B Munro, 34 E Hoolihan, I Wise, 33 B Wright, 32 A Croxford, R Day, G Paull, R Wittingslow c/b.

Golden vale

On Sunday the members played an Ambrose twos. Winners with a score of 63 3/4 were Karen Robinson and Steve McNamara.

Runner ups on 68 were Mal Moncrieff and Jamie Hyland.

There were no nearest the pins. Thank you to those members who were able to attend last weekend’s working bee. This Sunday is Open Day Ambrose 3s Draw for Partners. Tee off at 9am. Good luck and good golfing.

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