Badminton results

March 22, 2017

Last week in the badminton, there was two close games between Muscat and Riesling, and Pinot and Merlot.

Muscat edged Riesling, but the other game was so close it came down to just a point. Pinot 131 defeated Merlot 130.

This was the last of the home and away games and now it is finals time.

The semi-finals are on tonight, the teams playing in the semi finals are Muscat, Merlot, Shiraz and Riesling, meaning Pinot just missed out.


Muscat, 22 points, 115per cent

Merlot, 21 points, 106per cent

Shiraz, 19 points, 108per cent

Riesling, 19 points, 98per cent

Pinot, 9 points, 76per cent

If you need a fill in for the finals you must phone June on 0407342927, she has to approve the fill in. If you are not playing in the finals the club still wants players to come down and cheer on the other players.

Please be at the courts by 7.15pm to ensure a prompt start at 7.30pm.

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