Hume veterans take on Byawatha

April 05, 2017

The Hume Veterans Cycling Club took its ride to Byawatha for a 52.5km race last week.

Being short on numbers, on paper, the middle markers, 6min, looked the ones to beat.

However, it was the out-markers’ day again.

New member Phil Griffiths was paired with last-race winner Tony Morris to head the limit group and just two minutes to the second-limit trio.

Despite a bold attempt by the middle markers it was the 21min group that forged ahead to take the win with Col Stokes placing first ahead of Russ Edwards and Phil Griffiths.

Another new member, Murray Crawford placed fourth from the 6min group and fastest time came from Christian McDonald, placing eighth from scratch 3mins behind the winner.


1 – Colin Stokes (21) 1.36.00 (32.81 kph)

2 – Russell Edwards (21)

3 – Phil Griffiths (23)

4 – Murray Crawford (6)

5 – Vaughan Mudge (6)

6 – Ashley O’Farrell (6)

7 – Geoff Morley (6)

8 – Christian McDonald (scr)

9 – Dean Holgate (scr)

10 – Ian Strang (6)

Fastest Time: Christian McDonald (scr) 1.18.00 (40.38 kph)

Next Hume Club Race: Sunday, April 23, Yarrawonga Bakery 54 km Handicap

●For membership details and or inquiries or information, phone Simon Hall on 0448533322 or check their website,

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