Goorambat netball

May 11, 2017


It was a tough game for the under 15s this week coming up against a strong side in Greta.

Each player worked hard and proved their spot on the court.

Claudia Welsh worked really well being thrown from attacking to defence.

Bridie Horsbourgh worked really hard to play hard defence.

Caitlin Chibnall also made sure she put her hands on every intercept.

The girls are still fairly new to each other but are working hard to improve each week.


The Bats came off a tough game last week, bouncing back and showing what they can produce, from defensive pressure causing multiple turnovers and then attacking taking clean balls.

Ellie Culhane and Kirsten Hooper combined well in the defence with Emily Houttuin supporting.

The attacking from Maddison Woods, Hannah Ely and Kyra Bell made feeding and goals simple.

Mid-court worked endless all day and provided great drive coming from Taylah Grubissa.

The girls really combined well as a team and took a well deserved win.

Best on day Maddison Woods, Hannah Ely and Ellie Culhane.


It was a tough day on the court this week for the B-Reserve girls going down to Greta 13-58.

Kate Hair, Sally Swankie and Alannah Grubissa were fantastic in defence, they were certainly kept busy but fought hard all day.

The girls will regroup this week and continue with our progress moving forward with a couple of very winnable games coming up in the next few weeks.

Best on day: Kate Hair, Sally Swankie and Alannah Grubissa.


The girls showed some fantastic movement and control of the ball.

The return of Chelsea Bamford was a blessing with her being strong in the goal ring giving feeders great presents and opportunity.

Defensively Stephanie Waddell stood up once again taking strong rebounds and position ideally on court.

Unfortunately the girls couldn’t find space on court and became crowded making attacking opportunities hard to come by.

Greta was a very slick team attacking and took the win.

Best on day: Stephanie Waddell, Chelsea Bamford and Emily Rice.


The girls had a battle in their hands with Greta finding some great form.

The Batters started out slow not capitalising on as much as they could in attack.

Catherine Masters ran endlessly and positioned well all day in attack, defensively Kate Symes and Brittany Button did some exceptional intercepts and finger tipping that didn’t always fall the Bats’ way.

Score did not resemble the game with both teams having plenty and unfortunately Goorambat still not able to get the team to cohesively join and get through for a win.

Plenty to work with in the coming weeks.

Best on day: Brittany Button, Kate Symes and Olivia Wolff.

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