Aussie Hoops to start

May 11, 2017

Basketball continues strongly, entering round two on Monday and Thursday nights.

Minor adjustments have been made to teams in the junior division in an attempt to keep sides fair in this short 10-week competition.

The first session of Vicinity Centres Aussie Hoops, Australia’s official junior development program for children aged five to 10 years, will begin tomorrow.

The program will run for six weeks at the Benalla Indoor Recreation Centre from 3.45pm to 4.30pm and is available to children of all skill levels and abilities.

●Inquiries are welcome at the stadium on Thursday from 3.30pm or for more information, phone junior development co-ordinator Shane Riley on 0417010338.

Photos and updates can be accessed at the BBA’s facebook page and inquiries sent to


U/10 boys - Heat d Celtics 14/3, Suns d Lakers 12/2

U/12 boys - Hornets d Lakers 50/11, Magic d Suns 37/14 , Celtics Heat N/A

U/12 girls - Magic d Hornets 18/10, Mavericks Thunder N/A

U/14 boys - Lakers d Celtics 52/21, Heat d Magic 28/22, Suns Thunder N/A

U/14 girls - Clippers d Cavaliers 45/6, Thunder Hornets N/A

17 & u boys - Celtics d Magic 67/44, Suns d Lakers 43/23

17 & u girls - Lakers d Heat 35/19, Magic d Mavericks 52/31

Men - Allstars d Mash 73/33, Rose City Rangers d Shaqtin Ravioli 62/59

Women - Bulls d Cavaliers 72/21, Cougars d Chargers 42/24

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