Panthers up against it

May 11, 2017


Glenrowan 73 d All Blacks 31

This week we had three players out of the team with sickness and were down to six players

After a very good training session on Thursday night the vibe among the girls was good.

This transferred onto the court at the beginning of the first quarter, unfortunately we could not sustain this across the four quarters.

Once again our two circle defenders, Grace and Bernie had to work extremely hard to try stop Glenrowan’s experienced shooters, who combined very well in the circle.

Our full court pressure was good at times, led by Emma in centre.

Julieann Richardson’s on-court leadership and support was evident again — she was strong in both attack and defence.

At the attacking end our girls had to work hard to get free due to close defending by Glenrowan.

Although our final score was the highest for the season, which was pleasing, we still need to improve our conversion rate.

Reserves boys

Glenrowan 17, 8 (110) d Benalla All Blacks 4, 1 (25)

Benalla All Blacks Goal Kickers: C. McNair, M. Schluter, B. Warton

Best Players: M. Schluter, Z. Cooke, R. Macgregor, C. Brodie

The Reserves Boys fought hard against an imposing and strong Glenrowan, while never showing any signs of a lack of spirit or desire.

With M. Schluter, Z. Cooke, R. Macgregor and C. Brodie being among our best on the ground for the Day and our rewards upfront of the ground were shared by C. McNair, M. Schluter and B. Warton.


What a game by the B-Reserve girls on Saturday defeating Greta 37 to 28.

Massive team effort by every single player.

Kneisha Blackford smashed it with her rebounding in the goals and got the goals in that mattered.

Sam Palmer also got critical goals in throughout the day to lead at every break.

Caitlyn Green got plenty of rebounds with the help of Kat early on and Taylor in the last half.

Best players, Kneisha, Sam and Caitlyn.


The Panthers’ Under-15s started strong with great defensive pressure and good conversion rates.

Taking full advantage of any loose balls, the Panthers played a really consistent game from beginning to end.

They worked beautifully as a team and supported each other through to a convincing win over a developing Glenrowan side.

Final score 41 to 5.

Awards, BOC Ebony Mathieson, Holly Morrison, Pheobe Howard.


The Panthers came up against the top of the ladder in the under-17s this week.

With a few uncharacteristic mistakes in the first quarter, the Panthers had plenty to improve on as the game continued.

The quality of the game improved with each quarter for both sides, however, Glenrowan forged ahead to a convincing win.

Score 19 vs 59

Awards, Jessica Stocker, Zoe Barber and Chloe Cook.

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