Wombats and Emus take the points in Benalla Badminton

By Benalla Ensign

Results August 14

Last week's games had Wombats (team three) 189 defeating Kangas (team two) 154, while in the other game Emus (team one) 199 defeated Koalas (team four) 183.

There were eight three-game winners last week: Rhonda, Ming, John, Phil, Mayank, Lynette G, Graham P. and Zac; congratulations and well done to you all. 

Eyes on the prize: Jason Nichols of the Benalla Badminton Association's Emus focused on the shuttlecock.

The on-call team this week is Emus (team one). If you need a fill-in, try to organise it yourself and then let June know on 0407 342 927; she needs to know who is playing and who is available.

Try to be at the courts by 7.15pm to have a good warm-up and then games can start promptly at 7.30pm which will enable everyone to get home as early as possible.

Ladder: Wombats 24 points, 111%; Koalas 20, 112; Emus 16, 101; Kangas 10, 95; Bilbys 10, 88.

Strong form: Koalas player Ankit preps for the shuttlecock.